Far from the lights, meet the people living in the underground channels of Las Vegas

Every city has a dark side, mysterious, hidden, and moreover fascinating. United States precisely is the land of the hidden and of the voluntee of knowing what is behind the scenes. In various emblematic cities of the country, there are several flood tunnels that have become the place called home for thousands of people. Hidden in those tunnels, beneath the cities, homeless people, excluded, outsiders, survive in the shadow, mired in the ignorance of their peers.

Far from the big cities and all fantasms, those outsiders, who had taken refuge in the tunnels, had become invisible. Ignored by everyone, they try to hide from the glance of others, from the light, the society, their debts and often from their inner demons. They are the symbol of the ambivalence of a city where skyscrapers deal with the underground channels.

Matthew O’Brien, author of Beneath The Neon, immersed himself in this dark life in Las Vegas. And today, the writer who has covered 8000 kilometers of tunnels, meeting those people of the shadow, has decided to bring us with him to discover a society where misery and violence are combined with solidarity.

In contrast to what we can imagine, “Living in the hidden tunnels of Las Vegas”, shows us another reality:



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