Nude Yoga: il nuovo trend di Instagram è fare yoga senza veli

Il nuovo trend che spopola su Instagram tra le persone che fanno yoga e le persone che amano stare nude su Instagram è fare yoga senza veli.

Tutto è partito dall’utente nude_yogagirl, il cui nome già dice tutto riguardo alle sue passioni, che, con le sue foto in bianco e nero in posizioni di yoga, ha invitato i suoi migliaia di follower ad imitarla, usando l’hashtag #NYGyoga (NYG sta per Naked Yoga Girl). Uomini e donne si sono unite a questo nuovo trend, mostrando i loro corpi nelle posizioni yoga.

I’m lunching this new series called #yogi_onbed so if you would like to share with me this new fun way of doing yoga feel free to use the hashtag or tagging me ❤️ Back to my post: “Headstand on bed series” You asked for it therefore I’m back to it ❤️ Shooting non-sexual yoga nude requires lot of accuracy and dedication it’s not easy. But the love you guys are giving me totally worth all the hardwork❤️ thanks a lot ❤️ . . . . . . . #lotus #lotusyoga #yoga #yogi #headstand #handstand #blessed #yogini #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogachallenge #yoga #nude #nakedyoga #nudity #yogini #yogaforlife #nygyoga #yogi_onbed #yogaaddict #breakthefeed #followme #art #artist #bodyart #nudephotography #nudephotoshoot #yogafeature #mynudefreedom

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“the wounds have changed me. i am so soft with scars my skin breathes and beats stars.” ― Nayyirah Waheed

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"Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. If you change your thinking, You change your life." ❤ #reflection

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Sometimes life gets you twisted & bent out of shape, but it is in the trials & tribulations, the struggles & hardships & the obstacles & difficult times where your inner light matters the most. Don't allow the darkness to take over your pure & authentic soul. It's so easy to give into negativity because it's contagious. It's so simple to give up when the going gets tough. This is where I learned to take my yoga off the mat & into the world. We've all experienced uncomfortable situations. Think about all the uncomfortable poses you've taken in a yoga class, especially a class in which you hold poses longer than what you're usually comfortable holding or poses that you quickly pass through in a vinyasa practice. To where does your focus turn? Where did your breath go? What is going on in your mind right now? I love how yoga goes down to the tiniest detail of the drishti so that your mind can't think of anything else but the pose itself. The asana, or physical posture, is a container for an entire experience. And the pranayama, or breath, helps to add or enhance that experience. Personally, twists are where I notice I lose my breath in an asana practice. Sometimes, I forget that going deeper into the twist isn't worth it if I can't breathe. Other times, I lose the twist & get out of it when things become too "uncomfortable." There's a difference between pain & discomfort. So many of us are too easily willing to give up when things become uncomfortable. But getting through discomfort is where the real learning & growth take place. Think of life as a yoga asana class. Just because a physical posture is making you sweat more & breathe more heavily & may bring about discomfort, do you leave the class & walk out the door? Or do you stick it out & focus in on the breath, calm the mind & draw the attention inward instead of focusing on all the external factors that are distracting you? I recently started practicing breathing deeply & audibly when life gets crazy & the negative stress starts to physically, mentally & emotionally affect me. I get weird looks when I do this, but the breath is calming & centering. So breathe through the discomfort. You'll make it out alive.

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